Friday, January 18, 2008


word world

words are generated from syllables
syllables are of two classes
vowels and consonants
periodicity of vowels in alphabet is notable feature

a bcd
e fgh
i jklmn
o pqrst
u vwxyz ,is the arrangemnt of vowels and consonants in alphabet

words may be classified into two
words beginning with vowels
words beginning with consonants

words may be arranged into 1)words with the same number of vowels
2)words with the same number of consonants
words with more than two vowels or two consonants may be ordered into
triplets or doublets of vowels or consonts
the second or middle syllable represnting a group of words
the meanings of words in such groups may be compared and correlated for
common features
the words frank,kafir ,paradesi ,farsi ,parasu,farang,karupp,have 'R'
as a significant syllable
the anthropologic-historic-linguistic line of this 'R'may be significant

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